Beth’s Story

42BethanDavies01_480_LandscapeBethan was just 20 years old when she received, what proved to be, the most devastating news anyone could get.

On January 27th 2012, Beth attended Hereford A&E department, she received the best treatment but also news of a huge mass growing in her left side. The very next day Beth and her close family were given further details of a possible cancer growing from her left kidney or adrenal gland.

On February 21st, our darling girl was transferred to the amazing care team at the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. Even though she had 4 worldwide consultants plus 6 consultants, at the QE, the tumour proved impossible to treat. Beth was diagnosed with a rare variant of Pheochromocytoma which itself is an unusual cancer. At the time, she was the only young person, with such a big tumour in the world. Even then we never gave up hope and prepared for the fight of our lives.

Beth went through devastating and debilitating chemotherapy which had to be stopped as it was killing her faster than the rapidly growing tumour. She was fortunate to receive funding for a trial drug but that also had to be stopped as she simply could not bear the excruciatingly painful side effects.

By August, Beth was suffering considerable pain and was admitted to our local hospice. At 20 she was too old for a children’s hospice but was too young, really, for the adult environment at St Michael’s. However, there the devoted care, support and understanding she received made the unbearable pain and suffering as bearable as was possible. The ‘around the clock’ attention given to Beth, and her family, by the hospice professionals, will never be forgotten.

All through, Beth fought the disease every minute of every day, with great dignity, courage and impeccable manners, until she lost her fight and our darling took her last breath, at 7am, on 28th September 2012.

This fundraising drive is to try and raise a minimum of £100,000 to have a dedicated Young Persons Room, in Beth’s memory in the new, state of the art extension that is due to be built at St Michael’s Hospice in the near future.

Thank you to all our family, friends & businesses for your offers of support in reaching our goal.

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