A team take on the Ramshackle Rally in aid of Beth’s Wish

Adam Maxwell, Tom Maxwell, Ben Jones and Christopher Davies thought that the Ramshackle Rally would be a great way to try and raise some money for Beth’s Wish fund.

The rules of the rally are this, they have a £200 limit to spend on a car and that is pretty much the only rule, in their case they ended up getting a 1994 Volvo 440, which (in their words!) doesn’t look like much, but they have decorated the car with some nice tiger skin fabric to cover the roof and bonnet… The rest of the car will be sprayed purple and gold.

Gerry Dovermans out on the Withington Road have kindly agreed to check the car over for us for any major problems.

They will be travelling through France, Italy, Austria, Slovenia and ending up in Germany, this is over a period of 5 days, they will be approaching people for donations for Beth’s Wish.

 We wish the boys all the best of luck and hope that they, and the car (!) get back in one piece.


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